Heptonstall Lights and Planting Group Front of House Competition

DSC_1268The Heptonstall Lights and Planting Group Front of House Competition was won this year by David Flint of Townfield (see pic.) and a runner up prize was given to Bernice Briggs of Smithwell Lane.

The group would also like to make special mention of both pubs who have helped brighten up the village this year with their impressive displays of flowers.

Plant and Hanging Basket Workshop

HeLP is planning to hold a free workshop in Weavers Square  -  learn how to create a lovely hanging basket or planter and  take it home with you. Everything you might need will be available, with plants to buy.

Saturday 14th June at 11.0 – 2.0 pm.

The Tour de France will bring us lots of visitors – we’d like to decorate the village  together and make it even more attractive this summer.

We will also be running our annual Front of House competition to coincide with the race; judging will take place on the race weekend  -  so get your tubs and baskets ready and see if you can win a prize!

Heptonstall Lights and Planting Group (HeLP)

Pudding Night – 2 April

Thanks to everybody who supported the Pudding Night in The White Lion and made it a success.


Churchyard Clear up – 12 April

Thanks to everyone who helped with the churchyard clear up. We are beginning to make a difference.

The next clear up and planting session is on Saturday 26 April at 11.0 – 1.0 pm. Everybody welcome.


Plant and Planter / Hanging Basket Sale

HeLP are also planning to hold a Plant and Planter / Hanging Basket Sale in Weavers Square on Saturday 14th June at 11.0 – 2.0 pm. We want to help make Heptonstall even better for the Tour de France.

We will also be running our annual Front of House competition to coincide with the race, so get your tubs and baskets and see if you can win a prize.

Heptonstall School Fair

pfa school poster

This weekend is a busy one in Heptonstall. On Saturday, Christmas trees will be on sale in Weavers’ Square from 3pm, with all proceeds to the Heptonstall Lights and Planting Group.

Hebden Bridge Brass Band will play from 5.30pm for the switch-on of the Christmas tree lights. At 6pm they will move into the White Lion, where pie and peas will be served.

On Sunday, Heptonstall School’s Christmas fair runs from 2pm to 4pm in the school hall, with attractions including Santa’s grotto, games for the children, face painting and many other stalls.

Further ahead, Christmas events include:

Sunday, 15 December, 3pm, Christingle Service at St Thomas’.

Sunday, 15 December, time tbc, a concert of Klezmer music at the White Lion.

Sunday, 22 December, 10.45am, Nativity Service in the Methodist Chapel. Children from the village and school are invited to take part in this enjoyable event. We also need a baby to play Jesus – contact Margaret Coupe on 01422 842550 if you want to put your baby on the road to stardom.

Sunday 22 December 6.30pm, Village Carol Service at St Thomas.

Wednesday, 25 December, 9.30am, Joint Christmas Day Service at the Methodist Chapel.


HeLP Churchyard Planting

The Heptonstall Lights and Planting Group (HeLP) churchyard planting day is now on Sunday 5 May 2013, between 11:00am and 1:00pm..

HeLP will provide some plants, but if anyone has any spare cuttings (from plants that grow well in Heptonstall), that would be a useful contribution.

Our next HeLP meeting is on Monday 29 April 2013 at 8.00 in the White Lion.

Heptonstall Lights and Planting Group

Now the Christmas lights have gone, the last of the snow is melting and the early spring bulbs are starting to show, we are turning our attention to making plans for our spring and summer activities.

On Sunday 24 March, from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm, we are clearing up and planting in the old churchyard.  Everyone is welcome to join in.  Bring tools and any spare plants if you have them.

On Monday 25 March we are holding our next meeting at 8:00 pm in the Cross Inn.  Everyone is welcome.  Meetings are very informal and we want as many people as possible to come along to share any ideas about brightening up the village.

Hope to see you there.

Thanks - Clive.

HEptonstall Lights and Planting – Christmas Wreath Competition

The Christmas Wreath competition was won by Shirley Taylor of Northfield Terrace with these entries.

Heptonstall Xmax holly wreaths_2012 12 21_3716_edited-1 Heptonstall Xmax holly wreaths_2012 12 21_3713_edited-1





Other wreaths entered into the competition can be seen below;

Heptonstall Xmax holly wreaths_2012 12 21_3716_edited-1

HEptonstall Lights and Planting – Christmas

Christmas is almost here, dark evenings and freezing weather. But be of good cheer because the time has come to make merry and turn on the Christmas tree lights.

Place: Weavers Square.

Date: Saturday 1st December.

Time: 5.30pm

The cast of this year’s Heptonstall Pantomime will be there for the big switch on.

Once again, we are holding a competition for the House with the Best Christmas Wreath.  Gordon Rigg Vouchers to be won.  The result will be announced on Christmas Eve. Register by completing the form below, at The Post Office or on the Group’s Facebook Page.

Following the success of the Churchyard Clearup the group are meeting again on Sunday 16th December at 11.30 am in the churchyard.  Everyone Welcome.  Bring some garden tools if you have them.

If you are interested in getting involved with the group, leave a message on our facebook page, come along on the 16th or join us for our next meeting in The White Lion at 8.0pm on Monday 21st Jan 2013.

Christmas Wreath Competition Registration Form

Planting in the Church Yard

Thanks to everyone who made it to the Church Yard on the 11th of the 11 @ 11.30 onwards. There were thirteen in all. A good number. Leaves were swept; bulbs and plants planted. Worry not if you couldn’t make it for we shall return with our tools and our enthusiasm on another day.

Next HELP meeting is Monday coming (19th) in the White Lion at 8pm where we shall make further plans about keeping Heptonstall beautiful, especially in the Christmas season.

Ideas and new members always very welcome.


HEptonstall Lights and Planting.



HELP – Heptonstall Lights and Planting Group “Adopt a Patch” Day

HELP – Heptonstall Lights and Planting Group are holding an `Adopt a Patch` Day on Sunday 11th November in the Old Churchyard.

Everyone is welcome to come along at 11.30am. Bring a trowel if you have one. We are encouraging people to adopt a small patch of the churchyard which they can look after.


Hopefully if we get enough people to join in we can make a real difference to the appearance of the churchyard.

Update to HeLP Front of House competition

Judging, interrupted by a tremendous thunderstorm, took place over the Bank Holiday weekend. The winning entry was at 24-26 Towngate.

HeLP would like to thank everyone who took part – we were surprised to get so many entries especially given the summer we’ve had.

The next meeting of HeLP is on Monday 10 September at 7.30 in the White Lion, Heptonstall. All are welcome – meetings are very informal.

Floral Displays and Festive Lights Group Renamed….


The Floral Displays and Festive Lights Group has been renamed and is now Heptonstall Lights and Planting Group (HELP).

After consulting with Reverend Pask we have arranged to have a planting session in the churchyard on:


Everyone is welcome. We are supplying plants but if you have any to spare from your garden, please bring them along and also a trowel if you have one.

Anyone who is interested in getting involved in our future activities is welcome to come to our next meeting on:

SATURDAY 19th May at 1.00 pm in The White Lion.

Contact Clive Worley on 01422 844219 or email to cworley7*yahoo.co.uk (change * to @) for more details.

Floral and Festive Lights Group

The clue is in the name.

The Group first met in October 2011 and concentrated on getting a Christmas tree and lights for the village and lights at Colden.


Although the Group set the ball rolling, it could not have been done without help from others in the village – a real community effort.

As well as taking on the annual bulb planting, the Group is now thinking of ways to brighten up Heptonstall all year round. Ideas include:

  • Troughs/planters for Weavers Square and other suitable locations
  • Planting in the old churchyard
  • Meadow and verge planting with self-seeding plants
  • Asking local gardeners for any surplus plants to use

Any other suggestions would be welcome.

The Group meets every 5 or 6 weeks usually in one of the local pubs. Anyone who is interested is welcome to come along.

Details of the next meeting will be added to the website shortly….