Lunch at the Shoulder of Mutton…

New Lunch Club VenueOur first lunch hosted by The Shoulder of Mutton was well attended and enjoyed by all.

Here are the dates for our next events.

Owen and Lisa will be back from Ireland for these dates and are looking forwards to welcoming us in person

Please contact Mel or Rachel if you need assistance with transport.

01422 847979


Lunch at The Cross….

Lunch at the Cross July till SeptOur new team will be welcoming you to The Cross on the 14 July, and then again on 11 August and 8 September 215.
This month we have Rachel Banks running the show for us.
Please let us know if you know of anyone who would appreciate a lift to the pub.. We can arrange this for you.Many thanks

01422 847979


The Bowling Club elements of Festival Day

Please be aware that any donation made at the bowling club on festival day will go to the Village Team.

If you wish to donate to the Heptobstall Festival to help us carry on bringing you top class entertainment in future years, please donate in buckets in Weaver’s Square, the Church Ruin, the pubs or at the Dog Show. We really appreciate your support!
Three throws for oneThe Heptonstall Villlage Teams’s first fundraiser is to invite you all to re-visit the election and buy 3 water bombs for a pound, Emma Hartley and the Calder High Students are manning this stand for the princely sum of now’t.

The stand was made for us for free, and signage company: ‘School Image’ provided all the graphics and promotional boards for us FOC. So all funds received will help to cover todays FREE activities


Flo BellamyFlo Bellamy photo booth is our second fundraiser. For £1.00 per person you can whizz into her booth, grab a prop and get a 30 second fast fire round of shots, before whizzing out the other side. Flo is working for now’t for us, but she will be offering to enhance your shots and get them printed on acrylic blocs, canvas etc. Your shots will be available to download for FREE after the event.


Festival Poster

Our third fundraiser is the pop up café in the bowling club. Here you can fill your platter from our ALL YOU CAN EAT Tapas Buffet or buy a children’s sandwich platter before settling down to watch the kids playing on the children’s stalls in the bowing club.


We will also be selling afternoon tea and cake, served in old fashioned miss- matched cups, saucers cups and saucers.

Once again Emma Hartley has arranged for some Calder High School Students to help us out, and all profits from this café will go directly to The Heptonstall Village Team, and the costs of putting the day on.


Pennine Heritage – Local Trails

The South Pennines are a combination of unique landscape and outstanding industrial heritage. The area has long been a favoured resort for walkers and historians.

To share this special area with even more people, Pennine Horizons has teamed up with a whole host of local volunteers, community groups and organisations to create 12 interesting and inspiring walks and trails. Pennine Horizons Trails provide you with an opportunity to explore the area on foot with the bonus of having information about the landscape, ecology or history at your finger tips.

More details at

Information on events taking place on 25 and 26 April 2015.

The e-trail Apps (with map, walk directions, audio commentaries and historical photographs) can be downloaded to a phone or tablet and include interesting stories of local events and people of note as well as  information about  the awe-inspiring ecology and outstanding industrial heritage of  the area. The trails are:

  • Power In the Landscape App available.   A wander down the beautiful Colden Valley uncovering early 19th century water powered industry. 6 miles
  • Charlestown and Jumble HoleApp available. This delightful walk along the canal and up a beautiful wooded valley will give you glimpses of hidden 18th  and 19th century industry. 3 miles.
  • Cragg Vale Coming Soon. This linear walk takes you down a wooded stream where you can see remnants of the area’s rich industrial heritage. 5 miles.
  • Sam Hill of Soyland – Wool Trade, Scandal and Feuds. Coming Soon. Follow in the footsteps of Sam, a great wool baron, who lived in the beautiful Ryburn Valley 300 years ago. 3.5 miles
  • Hebden Bridge’s Woodland Heritage. Coming Soon. A walk around Hebden Bridge town and surrounding woodland to meet some of our native British trees (plus a few of their close relatives from abroad) and find out about their local and traditional uses. 3 miles.
  • Blackshawhead Packhorse Trail. Coming Soon. Explore the Packhorse Trail from Blackshawhead to Heptonstall; learn about this ancient route with far reaching views. 2 miles.
  • The Heptonstall Trail – an Ancient Village Explored. Coming Soon. This gentle circular walk takes you around the ancient Pennine hilltop settlement of Heptonstall, discovering its rich history and conserved stone buildings. 1.5 miles
  • A Walk Around Todmorden with the Fieldens. Coming Soon. Explore the wonderful town of Todmorden, discovering the role of the Fieldens and some of the town landmarks, 3.5 miles.
  • Todmorden Tops – Forged by the Fielden Dynasty. Coming Soon. This circular walk takes you over the hilltops to the north & west of Todmorden to enjoy a landscape forged by nature & the Fielden Dynasty. 8 miles.
  • Riots and Protests – Radical History around TodmordenComing Soon. The first of two walks which introduce sites associated with the early radical social movements (Chartism and the Anti-Poor Law Movement ) of the Upper Calder Valley while enjoying its unique topography and scenery. 8 miles
  • Cooperatives and Visions – Radical History around Hebden Bridge. Coming Soon. The second of two walks which introduce sites associated with the early radical social movements of the Upper Calder Valley (cooperative, trade union and women’s struggles) while enjoying its unique topography and scenery. 8 miles

Frank Woolrych, Chair of the Pennine Horizons project said: “The stunning landscapes and striking remains of its industrial heritage have drawn walkers and historians to the Calder and its valleys for many years. To share this with more people, we have teamed up with a whole host of local volunteers, community groups and organisations to create 12 interesting and inspiring walks and trails.”

More details at

Information on events taking place on 25 and 26 April 2015.

Grant Applications to Parish Council

If your organisation wishes to be considered for a Grant from the Parish Council you need to be aware of the Protocol below :


1. Grants should be applied for in writing under the criteria laid down by the Parish Council (PC) which has sole discretion in respect of making an award.

2. All Grant claims should be received by the PC by 30 November in respect of payments to be made in the following financial year (commencing 1 April), and should be accompanied by a copy of the claimant’s Constitution, Committee structure (if any) and bank account details together with a copy of the latest audited accounts.

3. All Grants of £250 or less will be paid in a lump sum after the first PC meeting of the financial year. There will be no requirement for the organisation to account to the PC for the way it has spent the Grant.

4. No organisation will be given more than one Grant of £250 or less in any financial year.

5. For Grants over £250 it will be necessary for the organisation to discuss the application with PC members at a meeting to be held in either November or December each year which should include an agreement with the PC as to how it wishes the Grant to be paid. This will normally be by means of staged payments.
The PC will require evidence of the expenditure for each claim except where such payments are contributing to the day to day administration of the organisation, and shall require the completion of a ‘feedback’ form.

6. If the Grant is given for a specific project the PC will require evidence of the fulfilment of the project.

An application form can be downloaded here or obtained from :

Roger M Greenwood
The Clerk
Heptonstall Parish Council
The Mallards

Tel : 01422 844283

E-mail :