Events in Heptonstall

All information is provided in good faith and may be subject to change.  If you are aware of any details that need to be added or amended, please get in touch.

More details on local events can be seen by viewing the Events News pages…

June 2015

Saturday 6 June – the Heptonstall Methodists annual sponsored walk, starting at 1.15pm. The walk finishes with a tea at the Sunday School.

Thursday 11 June and Friday 12 June – Costume making workshop in preparation for the children’s parade of the Heptonstall festival at the Bowling Club from 4pm to 6pm.

Sunday 14 June – 200th Anniversary of Blackshaw Head Methodist Chapel at 4.30pm. Informal service followed by a chance to look at a display of old photographs and refreshments. All welcome.

Sunday 21 June – Sunday School Anniversary Service at the Heptonstall Methodist Chapel at 10.45am.

Thursday 25 June and Friday 26 June – Costume making workshop in preparation for the children’s parade of the Heptonstall festival at the Bowling Club from 4pm to 6pm.

Saturday 27 June – Make, create and have fun whilst influencing the future of Hebden Royd and the Hill Top Parishes – more details

July 2015

Saturday 4 July – Heptonstall Festival, more information on the festival page.

Sunday 12 July – Picnic at Popples Common to discuss the future of Slack Top Baptist Chapel, 1pm to 4pm.

Wednesday 15 July – Heptonstall Village Team Trip to Oswaldtwistle Mills

September 2015

18 September – Heptonstall Village Team Trip to Harrogate Flower Show

4 thoughts on “Events in Heptonstall

  1. Hi there! Heptonstall Festival returns on Saturday 20th September this year – and the team are working really hard to build on the amazing event last year. Check back here for festival news soon!

  2. Events in Heptonstall seem to be getting bigger and bigger and some consideration needs to be given to the people who live here. The focus seems to be about getting people from further afield to attend these events without a thought for some of the people who just want a quiet existence who live here. As for the bonfire at the club – that now seems to have a reputation for causing anarchy in the village. There were smashed beer bottles outside my front door following this ‘event’. A balance is needed between the needs of the village and the need to hold these large scale events. The village used to have small scale events for the people who lived here, now it has got out of hand. Interestingly, the village team seem to be deciding on behalf of the rest of the village what we want and need. Think about the people who have been here the longest and whether what the new influx wants is always entirely appropriate. Thank you

    • Thank you for your thoughts. I’d like to clarify that the Village Team’s aims are to provide events and social opportunities solely for the older parish residents and other members of our Heptonstall community, and that we’re not providing either large scale events or inviting in people from farther afield. We consult with our older residents/past residents on an ongoing basis about what they would like to do. We’ve discovered that it’s been very positive for a lot of our isolated elders to be able to catch up with old friends and natter about their shared past. Please look at the Team’s aims and objectives which you can find on this site under Community, or the most recent Heptonstall Newsletter also explains the reasoning behind our activities as well as reporting on our various small social events. Hopefully this will reassure you.
      Jacky Kelly, on behalf of Heptonstall Village Team.

  3. Hello, I’d love to come to the Foster Wood service on May 3rd at 8am. On the poster at May’s shop it says you can meet on Popples Common beforehand if you’re not sure where to go. Please could you clarify where on Popples and at what time. Thankyou, Pippa Allen.

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