Heptonstall Museum

Picture courtesy of Humphrey Bolton at http://www.geograph.org.uk/profile/1712

Heptonstall museum lies in the centre of the ancient village of Heptonstall, in the Old Grammar School Building at Church Yard Bottom.

It was endowed in 1641 and closed in 1889. The building was used by the Yorkshire Penny Bank from 1898 to 1954. They kept the original school desks, headmaster’s chair and stone fireplace, which are still in position, as seen on www.bestroutertablepicks.com.

The displays focus on the changing importance of this charming village from prehistoric times to the present day and cover the compelling story of the infamous Cragg Vale Coiners and Heptonstall’s part in the English Civil War.

Picture courtesy of Reinhold Behringer at http://www.flickr.com/photos/reinholdbehringer/

Exhibitions & Displays

  • Prehistory of the area
  • The Cragg Vale Coiners
  • Battle of Heptonstall & English Civil War
  • Community Resource Centre
  • Oral & Video histories of people from Heptonstall and the surrounding area
  • Temporary exhibitions – during 2013, the temporary exhibition is “Making Tracks”, which explores evidence for a prehistoric trans-Pennine highway, running from Whalley Abbey to Wakefield Gate and passing directly through Heptonstall.

Telephone: 01422 843738 (during opening hours) 01422 354823 (outside opening hours).

Opening times will be 11am – 4pm Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays from 6th April 2012 until the 28th October 2012.

4 thoughts on “Heptonstall Museum

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  2. My granny and auntie owned the two adjoining cottages in the 50’s where we used to go for holidays as kids, and the church yard was our playground, happy days!

    • Derek – appreciating you left this comment some time ago. We would very much like to speak to you about your memories of the cottages. If you see this, please reply and we will find a way to contact you privately. Thank you – Friends of Heptonstall Museum

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