Heptonstall Museum

Heptonstall museum lies in the centre of the ancient village of Heptonstall, in the Old Grammar School Building at Church Yard Bottom.

The museum is currently closed*.

The Grade II-listed building dates back to 1600. Built as a warehouse, it was converted to a grammar school in 1771 and closed in 1889. The Yorkshire Penny Bank occupied it 1898 until 1954 – they kept the original school desks, headmaster’s chair, and stone fireplace, which are still in position, and it became a museum in August 1972.

The Museum is in the centre of the beautiful village of Heptonstall and sits alongside St Thomas’ Churchyard. Meandering through the village, you’ll notice many of Heptonstall’s cottages and terraced houses are characterised by large first-floor windows to maximise the light for weaving. Accessible by public transport, it sits a short journey above Hebden Bridge and is surrounded by exceptional walking routes and stunning landscape. Parking is limited; please follow local signage for directions.

Access is restricted. This is a 16th Century building on a cobbled lane with step access to and from the building.

Further information
Following its closure by Calderdale Council in 2019, the museum is currently undergoing a community asset transfer to ‘Friends of Heptonstall Museum’ (FOHM). During this time, we truly welcome support for the Museum as we start our journey to preserve its future. Community consultations will be regularly undertaken and we are aiming to reopen in Spring 2023.

*Whilst the museum will remain closed until the completion of the lease to FOHM, the Council has agreed for FOHM to be able to use the building for certain special occasions.

If you want to be part of our journey, we continue to seek enthusiastic volunteers and links to website and social channels can be found here.

Meanwhile, a series of events connected with the museum are being organised details of which can be found on the Friends of Heptonstall Museum Facebook Page.

Please keep an eye on the FOHM social channels and via the Heptonstall Parish Council’s regular newsletters for more information.

The museum opened in July 2021, in conjunction with Heptonstall Heritage & Historical Society. Providing the perfect setting to present a ‘script in hand’ performance of ‘Waiting for Wesley’, set against the backdrop of a revolt by mill workers in 1842. Photo: Nicola Jones

More about the Museum…

    5 thoughts on “Heptonstall Museum

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    2. My granny and auntie owned the two adjoining cottages in the 50’s where we used to go for holidays as kids, and the church yard was our playground, happy days!

      • Derek – appreciating you left this comment some time ago. We would very much like to speak to you about your memories of the cottages. If you see this, please reply and we will find a way to contact you privately. Thank you – Friends of Heptonstall Museum

        • Hi Nicola. My dad lived in one of the cottages as a child between 1946-1950. He would be happy to talk to you about his memories. He lives in Heptonstall. If you’d like to get in touch with me I can pass your details on to him.

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