Wayside Crosses

There are two scheduled ancient monuments in the area, Tinker Cross and Reaps Cross. Tinker Cross is just off Tinker Bank Lane, (pictured left), which is off Lee Wood Road, Heptonstall.

It includes the base, socket or socle of the cross which is a dressed gritstone block, measuring approximately 70cm square, with a rectangular socket hole measuring roughly 40cm by 20cm by 15cm deep.  Originally there would also have been a shaft and cross head but these are now missing, possibly as a result of 17th century iconoclasm.  The cross base is located just north of Tinker Bank Lane which is an ancient right of way leading up the steep incline through Tinker Bank Wood to Heptonstall Village.  Before the bank became wooded, the cross would have been visible from the road junction below and served as a guidepost for travellers.  The current name for the cross dates to the late 16th century when it was noted in the Heptonstall Court Rolls.

Reaps Cross, on Reaps Edge, Heptonstall Moor, (Grid ref SD 94353026)  was damaged earlier in the 20th century and repairs were attempted using iron pins in 1940. These caused further cracking and the cross was removed for repairs in 2001 by Jim Gault and other local people in consultation with English Heritage.

It was put back in place on 6 July 2002 and now stands 15ft tall. The cross is located at the junction of a number of ancient rights of way across Heptonstall Moor and, when intact would have been a visible and impressive landmark.  In addition, it is Listed Grade II.

Full details of both cross are available on the Calderdale Council register of ancient monuments.

Top: Picture courtesy of Phil Champion http://www.flickr.com/photos/pluralzed/

Above: Picture courtesy of Matt O’Brien at http://www.mypennines.co.uk

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