Heptonstall Village Team


Village Team tileTo organise a variety of events throughout the year for the older residents of Heptonstall Parish.

To provide opportunities for Heptonstall Parish residents to socialise and maximise that opportunity by providing transport, to and from, the venues where possible.

To support residents who are unable to attend by supplying gifts, cakes and buns direct to homes after the event.

To encourage the involvement of all age ranges within the Heptonstall Parish Area by recruiting volunteers to help and assist in the running of events.

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See details of upcoming events organised by the Heptonstall Village Team
and find out about some of those we have arranged in the past…



First of all, we would like to invite people to join our committee.  Nothing too onerous – honest! We have a good group already, but would love to hear from you if you would like to get more involved.

Secondly, we need suggestions for potential guests;  if you are aware of any person who would appreciate an invitation to our events, or some support in getting there,  please let us know.

Thirdly, we need volunteers…. those people who don’t necessarily want to join a committee,  but would be willing to help at events, pick up guests, provide raffle prizes or make small donations would be warmly welcomed.

Finally, we need ideas!  If you can think of interesting,  entertaining and varied ideas  for us to organise for our community, please let us know.


Click here to view The Village Team website, where you can join on our forum, through which we discuss and agree events.   You will need to register to take part, after which you will be able to log in and volunteer your support for individual events,  or make a raffle or cash donation… it all helps.






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