Slack Top Nurseries

One of the UK’s top 5 true specialist alpine plant nurseries, situated at Slack Top for over 26 years. The vast majority of plants are propagated on the award winning nursery from seed or cutting, resulting in a unique and unusual range. All are extremely hardy – grown outside at 900ft in the Pennines – and have withstood prolonged temperatures of -19°C.

As customers say ‘if it’ll grow at Slack Top, it’ll grow anywhere’! An extensive display garden is open to visitors, with interesting planted troughs, rock and scree beds, a 100ft planted wall, woodland planting and ponds. Advice on suitable plants for particular areas is freely available. We have a lot of plants that thrive on cold wet hillsides!

The nursery can always make use of cardboard for their mail order boxes, so please bring any spare. They sometimes also have spare plastic plant pots and plug trays to give away.

For more information, visit them at Slack Top Alpine Nursery & Garden, 1 Waterloo House, 24 Slack Top, Hebden Bridge HX7 7HA

T: 01422 845348

Top: Slack Top’s garden. Above: Slack Top’s display at RHS Tatton Flower Show.

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