Heptonstall Parish Family History

This website receives regular enquiries from people near and afar who are interested in tracing details of relatives who lived in the locality in the past.

Since the 22 June 2011 24 million church register entries from 1,700 churches of all denominations across West Yorkshire have been live on www.ancestry.co.uk/yorkshire . Free public access is available in West Yorkshire Archive search rooms and public libraries. The following cut-off dates are to avoid releasing sensitive data:

  • Baptisms ~ 100 years;
  • Marriages ~ 75 years;
  • Burials/deaths ~ 25 years.

West Yorkshire Archive Service has added further family history advice and frequently asked questions to help people with their enquiries.

The Calderdale Family History Society also has a great deal of information covering such matters, including the registers for St Thomas and Cross Stone churches, which have been transcribed into electronic format and can be purchased as a series of CDs from the Society or online via their page at GENfair .  More information about the Society can be seen on their website, and more specifically about the church records here.

The Society also have electronic versions of the local censuses for pre-1841 and for 1851, more details of which can be seen via this link.

We would welcome any details on other sources where such information may be found, and what arrangements are in place for such information to be accessed, in order that we can draw attention to it or otherwise respond to the enquiries we receive.

Please get in touch using the Contact Us page.

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