Parish Council

Heptonstall Parish Council is one of two tiers of statutory local authority in the area.  The other is Calderdale Metropolitan Borough Council.

The latest Parish Council newsletter can be seen here.

The latest Parish Council news can be seen here.

The Parish Council exists to serve and support the community of Heptonstall Parish, specifically :

  • To protect and conserve what is of merit in the heritage of the Parish, whether this be the green or the built environment,objects or features within them, or organisations, activities and facilities operating within the Parish.
  • To promote and support new developments in the Parish which will contribute to the wellbeing of the Community whilst not detracting from that which is worth preserving.
  • To prevent new developments which will impact adversely on the heritage of the Parish, or on the wellbeing of the Community.
  • To consult members of the Community on all matters which potentially may have a major impact on the Community before arriving at a decision on action.
  • To maintain awareness of the needs and wants of parishioners so that these can inform the prosecution of the Council’s aims.
  • To keep parishioners informed of Council business in hand and of decisions made.
  • To respond courteously and constructively to parishioners’ complaints and concerns of whatever nature and, where justified, to endeavour to the best of the Council’s abilities to bring about a fair and reasonable outcome to these.
  • To secure the involvement and support of Ward Councillors – and through them the Principal Local Authority – in seeking to achieve the Council’s aims.
  • To establish and maintain links with, and where required gain the involvement and support of, other people and bodies in achieving the Council’s aims eg the local MP, other Parish & Town Councils, NALC, National Trust, Rambler’s Association, etc.

Current Heptonstall Parish Councillors

B A Baldwin
J Crowther
J R Dunford
M V Edwards
N G H James
K Roberts
J Scarborough
S Slater
B Stott

Heptonstall Parish Clerk

Roger M Greenwood
The Mallards, Underbank, Hebden Bridge HX7 6PP
Tel : 01422 844283 e-mail :

Residents of the Parish are welcome to attend any meeting of the Parish Council.

Details of the next meeting can be seen in the Parish Council News section of this website.

Details on the seeking of grant funding from the Parish Council can be seen here.

Parish Council Annual Report – March 2012.

Details of meetings are also posted on Parish Council notice boards in the centre of Heptonstall and at May’s Shop (Edge Lane , Colden)

Heptonstall Parish Community-led Plan 2011

Calderdale Metropolitan Borough Council  0845 245 6000.

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