Parish Council Annual and May Monthly Meetings

The Annual and Monthly meetings of the Parish Council will be held on Tuesday 10 May 2022 at 8.00pm and Tuesday 17 May 2022 at 7.30pm at Heptonstall Social & Bowling Club, Acre Lane, Heptonstall

The agendas for each meeting can be seen here and here respectively.

Minutes from the April monthly meeting can be seen here.


Anyone interested in a job in Heptonstall?

New Post Office & Shop Manager role from Jan 2022.

The Post Office & shop is an important and valued village facility which is in the process of being bought by the community. It provides a great opportunity for a Post Office Shop & Manager who would start training in the new year.

Full details can be found at

Are you that special person with the skills and vision to help develop this exciting business? Please apply with a CV and covering letter showing how you would be our ideal candidate to

Please share this with anyone who you think might be interested.

Download a copy of this flyer to share with friends and neighbours in the village.

Plans to hold a series of trail running races

I am writing to inform you of our plans to hold a series of trail running races in the
Calderdale Area of the West Yorkshire on Saturday 4th September 2021.

There will be three races: a half marathon, 50km, and 100km (the 100km race is two loops
of the 50km route: one counter-clockwise and one clockwise). Race headquarters will be at Mytholmroyd Community & Leisure Centre (grid reference SE0111325974) which will also be close to the start and finish location for all races (Hebden Royd Playing Fields grid reference SE0065526055)

All three of the races head West from Race HQ through Hebden Bridge and towards Slack
Top along the Rochdale Canal Path. At the top of Colden Road, at the 5km point the routes separate with the 50/100km courses heading East along the Calder Aire Link towards Penistone Hill Country Park and the half marathon continuing East to loop around Stoodley Pike before returning to Race HQ. At Penistone Hill Country Park the 50/100km routes will turn and loop back following the Bronte Way and the Pennine Bridleway to connect with the HM course near Colden.

There will be four checkpoints/aid stations on the route, where runners will be able to refuel with food and water. The checkpoints will be situated at grid references SD9956632427, SD9960636309, SD9466931247 and SD9647124434.

The full routes (including proposed checkpoint locations) can be viewed online here. All races are run on entirely public rights of way (predominately the Pennine Bridleway and
Calderdale Way with sections on the Calder Aire Link and Bronte Way), aside from a short
section which follows permissive paths along the Rochdale Canal managed by the Canal and River Trust.

Runners will be required to cross the A646 at two points at grid references
SD9753626601and SD9851127339. Traffic marshals will be stationed at each crossing and
we will put out warning signs at these locations to warn vehicle traffic, runners, and other
road users.

I cam send across a copy of our Risk Assessment, Project Plan, Emergency Action Plan and
Key Locations, so that you can see how we intend to safeguard competitors, members of
the public and race staff.

Specific sections of these documents also detail how we will deal with an emergency and how we will interact with the emergency services.

I would welcome any comments or advice regarding any oversight relating to these

Do let me know if you have any questions or concerns so that we can ensure to address them appropriately. Further, we would like to involve the community in the event as much as possible and would be interested in a discussion as to how we might be able to use the event to support local businesses.

Happy to jump on a call to discuss further if easier.

Sam Heward
Ultra X Co-Founder

Parish Council Meeting – 3 May 2021

The Annual and Moonthly meeting of the Parish Council will be held REMOTELY and ON-LINE (via Zoom) on Monday 3 May 2021

The Anual Meeting will take place at 7:00pm, and the monthly meeting will commence at 7.30 pm.

The agendas for the meetings and how to take part on-line can be seen here and here.

Minutes from the April virtual meeting can be seen here.

Ideas for New Book


I’m a writer from Sowerby Bridge, who has previously made a film about Branwell Bronte’s Calder Valley years, and who is now developing an idea for writing a book about the disused church of St Thomas a Becket in Heptonstall.

The basic premise is for a local history book, but with plenty of scope for creative interpretation, and I am hoping to interview knowledgable local people who may be able to help me fill in some of the gaps in what I know about the building’s history.

It struck me that there may be people in Heptonstall who might be interested in being interviewed, and if so I wondered if you would care to email me on

Simon Zonenblick


Suspension of Parish Council Meetings

In order to comply with Governmental advice in respect of Coronavirus, all meetings of Heptonstall Parish Council are suspended with immediate effect.

If you have any vital issue you wish to put to the Council, please use my contact details below.

Normal business will resume as soon as possible.


Roger M Greenwood
Clerk to Heptonstall Parish Council
The Mallards

01422 844283

Request for Information

John Mainwaring, currently residing in Fareham, is looking for one or more images of the Pace Egg play painted by his father George Mainwaring of Rochdale during or around 1976.

He is keen to be able to see the painting(s) and produce high quality scans for a website he is developing.

It is believed that main painting of interest was sold to a Mrs Higson who lived at the time in or around Todmorden – a low res image of the painting concerned, along with a pencil drawing of the doctor are shown below.

Copyright in these images rests with John Mainwaring.

If anyone has any information on the current whereabouts of Pace Egg Play images created by George Mainwwaring, please post a comment so we may put you in contact with John Mainwaring.


Parish Council Meetings – March 2020

Click on the following link to see the agenda for the March Monthly Meeting of the Parish Council to be held in The School Hall, Heptonstall J I & N School on Monday 2 March 2020 commencing at 7.30 pm.

Minutes arising from the February 2020 meeting can be seen here.

Click here to the see the Agenda for the Annual Assembly of the Parish Meeting, to be held at 7.00pm on the same day, , and here to see the Parish Council’s Annual Report for 2020.

Education & Training Grants

Young people living in the Parish may be eligible for a contribution to the costs of university or college education, or training or employment, from the Heptonstall Exhibitions / Richard Naylor Charities. 

They have provided support to people within the parish for over 125 years. This is the area bounded by Pudsey Rd in Todmorden, Midgley Rd in Mytholmroyd and Turvin Rd in Cragg Vale. It includes, Hebden Bridge, Heptonstall, Blackshaw, Wadsworth, Stansfield, Erringden and Langfield.

The Heptonstall Exhibitions Charity was begun on June 26th 1893 as the result of the death of Albert Law of Green Leas, Midgehole, Hebden Bridge. The Charity of Richard Naylor was begun on 14th May 1897

“For the purpose of the assistance of persons, whose parents are bona fide residents in the Ancient Chapelry of Heptonstall, who are under the age of 21 years by means of Exhibitions consisting of either a payment of the tuition fees at the school or a yearly payment by way of a maintenance allowance tenable at any public secondary school or exhibition tenable at any university, university college or other like institutions of higher education (including professional or technical),and for the training for persons intending to enter any profession within the scope of the Charities.

The Heptonstall Exhibitions and Richard Naylor Charities are two entirely separate Charities which for the purpose of administration are administered together by the same group of Governors and Trustees.

Applications must be made by 12:00 noon on the second Saturday of September.

For further details of eligibility and how to apply visit the website