Parish Council Update – Autumn 2011

Since the May elections the Council has held one vacancy. I am now pleased to tell you this post has been ably filled by  Nick James who lives on Edge Lane, Colden.  This is  particularly good news as Nick comes from the upper part of the parish, and members have always been keen to see such  a spread of representation.  You are most welcome, Nick, and  I am sure you will find your work most rewarding (though not  financially).

Well, in the past 3 months it has been very busy from a  planning point of view. Twenty one applications have been  considered and, in order to meet Calderdale Council’s  deadlines, three additional meetings have had to be held by  your members. I am grateful to members for taking on these additional tasks with such willingness.  It has also been a busy period for the wide range of issues the Council has had to address. I shall not list them all here as I need the space for other things (I will give you more  detail next tirne).

But one issue is the progress of the  Localism Bill, and the effects and opportunities this may provide to Parish Councils.  Early discussions are already  being held to consider the possibility of Asset Transfers –  the taking of Calderdale assets into local control.  You can be  assured nothing will happen without full consultation opportunities with you – our parishioners.  Watch this space!

Over the past 12 months the Council has put in place updated Standing Orders, Financial Regulations as well as  creating new Terms of Reference and Policies & Procedures.  The final leg of this has been to create a Statement of Aims  of the Council and I hope you will be interested to know what  they are.  I therefore reproduce them below :

  • To protect and conserve what is of merit in the heritage of the Parish, whether this be the green or the built environment,objects or features within them, or organisations, activities and facilities operating within the Parish.
  • To promote and support new developments in the Parish which will contribute to the wellbeing of the Community whilst not detracting from that which is worth preserving.
  • To prevent new developments which will impact adversely on the heritage of the Parish, or on the wellbeing of the Community.
  • To consult members of the Community on all matters which potentially may have a major impact on the Community before arriving at a decision on action.
  • To maintain awareness of the needs and wants of parishioners so that these can inform the prosecution of the Council’s aims.
  • To keep parishioners informed of Council business in hand and of decisions made.
  • To respond courteously and constructively to parishioners’ complaints and concerns of whatever nature and, where justified, to endeavour to the best of the Council’s abilities to bring about a fair and reasonable outcome to these.
  • To secure the involvement and support of Ward Councillors – and through them the Principal Local Authority – in seeking to achieve the Council’s aims.
  • To establish and maintain links with, and where required gain the involvement and support of, other people and bodies in achieving the Council’s aims eg the local MP, other Parish & Town Councils, NALC, National Trust, Rambler’s Association, etc.

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