The Heptonstall Trail

Visitors to our village can buy a copy of the Heptonstall Trail at the Post Office (for opening times see Post Office information on this website) or from the Birchcliffe Centre in Hebden Bridge.

The Trail is a short, self-guided exploration of the village – only about a mile in length but full of information that brings Heptonstall history alive.  A clear map gives you a route and 29 points of interest, with brief explanations of each, plus photos.  A copy of the map can be seen here.

Alternatively, follow this google map version:

You can also walk a little further; there are two recommended extensions of short, easy walking in the booklet – which may tempt you into exploring the many pathways and open hills beyond!  (If you do, make sure you have sturdy boots and a map…) Or you may be enticed to find out more about this area’s rich history.

**Google Heptonstall or Colden Clough and you’ll find a wealth of both local history and well described longer walks out of, and including, Heptonstall village.

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