Floral and Festive Lights Group

The clue is in the name.

The Group first met in October 2011 and concentrated on getting a Christmas tree and lights for the village and lights at Colden.


Although the Group set the ball rolling, it could not have been done without help from others in the village – a real community effort.

As well as taking on the annual bulb planting, the Group is now thinking of ways to brighten up Heptonstall all year round. Ideas include:

  • Troughs/planters for Weavers Square and other suitable locations
  • Planting in the old churchyard
  • Meadow and verge planting with self-seeding plants
  • Asking local gardeners for any surplus plants to use

Any other suggestions would be welcome.

The Group meets every 5 or 6 weeks usually in one of the local pubs. Anyone who is interested is welcome to come along.

Details of the next meeting will be added to the website shortly….

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