Parish Council Protocol for Grant Applications (General)

The Parish Council has developed the following General Protocol for organisations wishing to claims grants from the Council.

  1. Grants should be applied for in writing under the criteria laid down by the Parish Council (PC) which has sole discretion in respect of making an award.
  2. All Grant claims should be received by the PC by 31 October in respect of payments to be made in the following financial year (commencing 1 April).
  3. All Grants of £250 or less will be paid in a lump sum after the first PC meeting of the financial year. There will be no requirement for the organisation to account to the PC for the way it has spent the Grant.
  4. No organisation will be given more than one Grant of £250 or less in any financial year.
  5. For Grants over £250 it will be necessary for the organisation to discuss the application with PC members at a meeting to be held in either November or December each year which should include an agreement with the PC as to how it wishes the Grant to be paid.  This will normally be by means of staged payments.  The PC will require evidence of the expenditure for each claim except where such payments are contributing to the day to day administration of the organisation, and shall require the completion of a ‘feedback’ form.
  6. If the Grant is given for a specific project the PC will require evidence of the fulfilment of the project.

Grant applications should be submitted to The Clerk, Heptonstall Parish Council – full details are set out in The Grant Application Form.

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