Traffic, Parking and Road Safety Group

The project group formed following the production of the Community Led Plan has got its first result – new double yellow lines and road markings at the notorious junction of Hepton Drive, Southfield and Longfield. We hope that the bus service blockages and other access problems caused by irresponsible parking at this junction will now be a thing of the past. Thank you Calderdale Council for your prompt action on this one and thank you local residents for your positive support.

The group has also carried out a review of current speed limits in the Parish and has submitted proposals to Calderdale for a more sensible, consistent and safer approach to traffic speed. For example, extending the current 20mph limit in the Village to the side-streets (you will have observed that speed limits currently increase to 30mph on these!), and introducing more sensible speed limits in Slack, Widdop Road and Colden. Unfortunately,  Calderdale’s budget for ‘rural’ speed limit reviews is very restricted and we are in a queue to get action but, we are continuing to press Calderdale Councillors and Officers hard on this one so watch this space.

Finally, we are also pursuing Calderdale on the vexed question of parking more generally, particularly in the Village. Proposals for more off-street parking are on the table and other possibilities for reducing current problems include residents’ parking permits, one way streets, road widening , further parking restrictions, etc. Again, we are in a queue even to meet traffic officers to discuss the issues and have enlisted our Ward Councillors’ help to try and make progress. We intend to keep at it – another space to watch ….



2 thoughts on “Traffic, Parking and Road Safety Group

  1. Hello – would the traffic, parking and road safety group please be able to do something about the Lee Wood Road situation? It’s very difficult to get any information from the Council about when the works will be finished. Currently causing missery for many in the villiage, especially on Towngate and Smithwell Lane. It would be good to understand what the Parish Council is doing to try and put pressure on the Council to finish the works as currently there appears to be very little activity at Lee Wood.

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