proposals for wind turbines

Proposals for two 24m high wind turbines on Cross Hill, above Heptonstall School, have attracted a great deal of controversy.

The wind turbines would be sited on fields behind the covered reservoir, between the school and Drapers Corner.

At time of writing, Calderdale Council’s website was showing 145 comments, of which 142 were objecting. Most residents writing on the site were objecting on grounds of noise or the way they would alter the landscape.

For full details of the proposed wind turbines, and an opportunity to make your own comments, see the Calderdale Council planning listing. The deadline for comments is Friday, 27 July.

3 thoughts on “proposals for wind turbines

  1. i would have thought that residents of the upper calder valley were all demanding wind turbines after the recent floods….after all the scientists have been warning of climate change for years…..

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