Blackshaw Environmental Action Team

A copy of the UpBEAT Newsleter for January-February 2013 can be seen here.

posterBEAT is holding its first ever public meeting in Heptonstall on Wednesday 9 January at 7.45 pm at the Social and Bowling Club.

The topic is ‘Our food future – global vs local?’, a talk and discussion led by Geoff Tansey.

Geoff Tansey has worked on food, agriculture and development issues for over 35 years. He has degrees in soil science (University of Aberdeen) and history of and social studies of  science (Sussex University). He helped found and edit the journal Food Policy in the mid-1 970s, has worked on  agricultural development projects in Turkey, Mongolia, Albania and Kazakhstan and travelled widely.

Since 1981 , he has been an independent writer, consultant, and occasional broadcaster. His books include The Food System: A guide (with Tony Worsley) and coeditorship of The future control of food: A guide to international negotiations and rules on intellectual property, biodiversity and food security.

In June 2005, he received a Joseph Rowntree ‘Visionaries for a Just and Peaceful World’ Award and, in 2008, he won the Derek Cooper Award for best food campaigner/educator, at the BBC Radio 4 Food and Farming Awards. He is a member and a trustee of the Food Ethics Council.


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