Heptonstall Fell Race results

Results are now in, and the honours board looks as follows:

Senior men

1 Adam Osborne
2 Spencer Ryley
3 Dave Kirkham

Veteran men over 40

1 Jason Hemsley
2 Colin Walker
3 Charlie McInstosh

Veteran men over 50

1 Keiran Horrigan
2 Jonathan Emberton
3 Thornton Taylor

Veteran men over 60

1 Ben Grant

Veteran men over 70

1 Malcolm Coles

Mens team

1 Wharfedale Harriers 2nd, 3rd, 5th (Spencer Ryley, Dave Kirkham, Gareth Hird)

2 Calder Valley 7th, 11th, 14th (Tim Black, Kevin Hoult, Ian Symington)

3 Pudsey and Bramley 9th, 13th, 16th (Harry Dalby, Colin Walker, Charlie McInstosh)


Senior women

1 Liza Barry
2 Rachel Pilling
3 Anna Kelly

Veteran women over 40

1 Anna Kelly
2 Kate Mansell
3 Jackie Scarf

Veteran women over 50

1 Anna Kelly
2 Jackie Scarf
3 Kath Brierley

Womens team

1 Calder Valley 4th, 5th, 7th (Kate Mansell, Jackie Scarf, Helen Buchan)

All-time records

Senior men

Ben Mounsey 1:55:49 (2011)

Veteran men over 40

Richard Pattinson 1:59:48 (2011)

Veteran men over 50

Chris Davies 2:10:58 (2012)

Veteran men over 60

Ben Grant 2:29:46 (2013)

Veteran men over 70

Malcolm Coles 3:07:10 (2013)

Senior women

Helen Fines 2:18:05 (2011)

Veteran women over 40

Sally Malir 2:36:46 (2011)

Veteran women over 50

Anna Kelly 2:44:16 (2013)

Many congratulations to everyone who took part. Full listings are on the Fell Race website.


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