Cross Inn: update

The owners of the Cross Inn, WJ Turnbull and Sons, have confirmed that the pub will be re-opening in June.

Builders are starting on some repairs and the pub will open again as soon as they are complete.

A spokesperson for WJ Turnbull said they didn’t know an exact date yet but would know more as works commenced.


2 thoughts on “Cross Inn: update

  1. Hi Amy,
    Thank you for your message regarding The Cross Inn. I have lived in the village all my life, as did my ancestors before me. My maternal grandfather Richard Uttley, was a real village character and spent many, many happy hours in The Cross during his lifetime. Hanging on one of the walls in the pub is a picture of my grandad, holding a wonderful pot, which the tale goes, was filled and he drank the contents. Also in the picture are the then landlord and landlady Albert and Mona Riley. I think this photo might have been taken in the early 1950″s. It would be realy upsetting for me if during the ongoing work the picture was to end up in a skip, as sometimes happens, and rather than that I would treasure it.
    Thank you,
    Susan Marlor

    • Hello Susan
      Thanks for getting in touch. I can’t recall the picture but it’s a great story. I’ll send your comment through to the Turnbulls, but I would really urge you to go and knock on the door and tell the builders the story just to make sure they don’t do anything drastic. They seem to be working most days from what I can gather walking past.
      Best wishes

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