Community Balsam Bash in Colden Clough

Community-Balsam-Bash-In-CoPlease come and lend a hand in removing Himalayan Balsam from Colden Clough.  for a number of years this plant has been spreading across the Upper Calder Valley out-competing our native plants and causing soil erosion. From 10:00am on Saturday 29 June and 27 July 2013.

We’ll split into two groups, one meeting at the Play Area next to Eaves Avenue, and one at the Old Stone Bridge where the Pennine Way crosses Colden Water at the top of the clough.

Please come dressed fro the occasion with long sleeves, gloves, boots and long trousers as the balsam is growing amongst nettles and brambles.  Hopefully we won’t need them but waterproofs may come in handy too.

You may also wish to bring along some lunch and refreshments, depending on how long you plan to stay.

More details at             Click on image to download poster to publicise this event.

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