Do you think The Cross is a valuable asset to the Village?

Cross InnDo you think The Cross is a valuable asset to the Village?

Do you think it’s important to keep two pubs open in Heptonstall?

If so, you could support our campaign to register The Cross as an Asset of Community Value!

This is about showing community support for an important part of village life and history.

How does this help?

  • IF the owner wants to sell the asset (or apply for change of use) they must inform the local authority of their intention.
  • IF the owner decides to sell, this triggers a 6 week moratorium for a community organisation to decide if they would like to bid for it.
  • After this, there is a further 6 month moratorium to develop a proposal and raise funds.
  • Basically, it gives the village time to do something about it and an opportunity to be involved.
  • BUT there is no obligation or commitment, even once the property is listed. It just gives the option.

There is a working committee (open to anyone willing to help) planning to submit an application to Calderdale Council to list The Cross public house as an Asset of Community Value. To do this, we need a minimum of 21 local people (registered on the electoral role) to sign the nomination form. Copies can be found at The White Lion pub, Towngate Tearooms and in the Post Office. We want as many villagers as possible to show their support by signing up.

We also need to gather evidence that the pub furthers the social wellbeing and social interests of the local community. We would love to hear of any events that have taken place in the past that have been important to you, your friends or family as well as any quotes on your memories of the pub. You can email details or post them through to us at the address below.

If this is important to you, please take the time to show your support. This does not commit you to any involvement in the project – it simply means you support the idea and would like the listing to be approved by the council.

On behalf of The Cross Asset Working Group (T’CAWG)

If you would like any further information or to add any comments, you can contact

Nic & Steve Corrigan at 6 Church Street, by email at niccorrigan(at) or on 01422 843397.


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