New housing and other developments

New housing estates in Heptonstall will be considered as part of Calderdale’s “Land Allocation and Designation Plan”, and the council is urging local residents to make their views known.

The plan will influence all future planning decisions for many years to come, and a series of public workshops are being held. Three major plans for housing estates and several smaller schemes have been submitted for the Heptonstall and Colden area as part of the first stage of the plan.

Plans now on the Calderdale Council website which have been submitted for consideration include:

Land next to Draper Lane, Slack: 187 semi-detached and terraced dwellings (reference CFS-0256) (this is part of the land now being considered for a caravan site).

Land next to Towngate, Heptonstall: 57 semi-detached and terraced houses (reference CFS-0226)

Land next to Lily Hall, Heptonstall Road, 5 to 10 terraced cottages (reference CFS-0303)

Gypsy Flats, Colden Road, Blackshaw Head: up to 90 houses (reference CFS -0181)

The meeting for Hebden Bridge area is on 6th February @  7.00 to 9.00 p.m. – at Hebden Bridge Town Hall

Places are limited, so if you wish to attend, please contact 01422 392206 or email

Full details of these and other smaller plans can be seen by searching from Calderdale’s planning page for site submissions.

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