Heptonstall Festival 2014 CD Sleeve Notes

Thank you for buying one of the Heptonstall Festival Mix CDs, all the money goes to making next year even better. We really appreciate the support.

The tracks on the CD were all very kindly donated by the artists to support the festival.


Track 1

The Lottery Winners – Elizabeth

Check out their website here.

Track 2

Neil Bob Herd – Best Song

“A salty little song about getting friendly.”

Duration :3:31
Artist : Neil Bob Herd
Writer: Neil Robert Herd
Publishing: Cattle Call Music /  Music Rights Management. 2013

Check out his website here.

Track 3

Tim O’Connor – Ordinary Day

Track 4

The Tiny Minds – Sharks Tooth

Track 5

Featherteeth – Puzzle Monkey Business

Track 6

Harry & MK – Old Devil Called Love

Track 7

Le Neon Noir – Better Than Me

Track 8

Thomas Wells – Mrs Worthington

Writer singer musician, one half of the Wells Brothers.

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