Artist Update: The Lottery Winners


We love this band, and after knocking us all out last year, they’ve agreed to come back to “the back of the slippy church” to do it all again. If you did’t catch their headline set last year, you really must make it to the Ruin Stage at 8pm..

The indie- pop quartet blend momentous melodies with wistful and insightful lyrics,“The songs are the most important thing in the world to me,” remarks Thomas Rylance, frontman and songwriting force of the band, “if they’re ever even a tiny fraction as important to other people, I’ll die a very happy man.”


The bands first single ‘Elizabeth’, an ode to misappropriated love with a nod to Her Majesty the Queen, was released to coincide with the Diamond Jubilee celebrations. Described by Lauren Laverne as “Adorable”, Hooting and Howling magazine remarked “It’s the sound of Morrissey taking some happy pills and prancing stark naked through a hilly glade, singing of romance”.

Have a listen:

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