Julie Bull textile artist

pathwaysAward-winning textile artist Julie Bull creates hand stitched illustrations with recycled cotton fabric.
Working from her home studio in Heptonstall, Julie is inspired by nature, folklore, myths and legend

She is available for commissions and teaches. As an embroidery designer Julie has had projects published in several needlecraft magazines and also sells patterns online.

Julie said: “I see each piece I create as a precious little gem with its jewel like colours achieved by hand dying cotton fabrics and thread. Measuring just 8 inches square or less each illustration is a labour of love interjected with emotion.

“My hands on approach of connecting with the fabric through hand stitching follows the Kantha tradition of “feeling” the materials while creating a talisman of love to protect and comfort my loved ones 

julie bull 2“Kanthas originate in West Bengal. Indian where mothers stitch together layers of old saris with running stitch to create quilts then embroider them with story images. The Hindu religion includes a belief that old rags protect loved ones from evil spirits and hundreds of these rags can be seen hanging outside temples and shrines.
“A mother will often create a Kantha as a gift for a grown up child who has to leave home. The soft comforting softness and smell of the old clothes it is created from evoke memories of home, family and a mother’s embrace”

You can see more of her work, including designs produced as giclee prints and cards,  here.

Studio address : 6, Smithwell Lane, Heptonstall, HX7 7NX
Tel: 01422 844111

julie bull






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