Bunting on show at museum and our site

cropped-bunting-1.jpgHeptonstall’s Community Bunting Project is to be displayed at Heptonstall museum until the end of the month, and again when the museum re-opens in Spring.
If you can’t get along to the museum, keep clicking different pages to see the bunting in our random display header.
Each individual flag has been created and designed by a different household, family or individual and the design has been inspired by the theme of ‘our villages and the views all around us – near or far’. The flags are called I Spy flags as each one has a letter or two stitched to the back, intended to give the viewer a clue to what the local image on the front is…..a fun game to play with children looking at the community bunting and guessing what the designs are of!
cropped-bunting-2.jpgThe first showing of the flags was at the Heptonstall Festival 2013 and they will now be displayed in Heptonstall Museum.
A book of testimonials accompanies the project. It contains personal explanations of each of the bunting designs written by the families that created them.
This is a living history project that is intended to grow and grow, so we want more and more people to get involved.
cropped-bunting-3.jpgHow to get involved…
Please see the template on display at Heptonstall Museum and Heptonstall Post Office Notice Board. The template is just a paper template, made from an A4 piece of paper, to show you the correct size of the triangular bunting flag. Draft your own copy of the template and maybe even do one to pass on to a friend too. Once you have your template, find your own fabric, new or reused and cut out your flag. Cut out two so you can do both sides.
cropped-bunting-4.jpgOn the front, do your design inspired by the theme of ‘our villages and the views all around us – near or far.’ Use whatever fabrics you like and create your design by sticking, hand stitching, machine stitching, patchwork, knitting or appliqué. Anything goes! Interpret the theme however you like, just so long as its meaningful to you. Perhaps you’ll do an image of a monument like Stoodley Pike or Heptonstall Church; or something more personal such as your washing blowing in the wind, your guitar, your favourite tree or your dog!
cropped-bunting-5.jpgOn the back, put letters to describe the view you’ve chosen e.g. SP for Stoodley Pike, HC for Heptonstall Church, T for Tree, B for Bluebells etc. This is so that children can play an ‘I Spy’ game with the flags when they are displayed.
Once you have completed both sides, return the flags to Heptonstall Museum or Heptonstall Post Office. They will be added to the bunting set asap. Make sure you include the following information on a piece of paper – your name, where you live, the date and a description of your flag and any other comments about how special this ‘view’ is to you. These bits of paper will be kept and added to the project book of testimonials.
cropped-bunting-6.jpgThanks so much for taking part, please spread the word and pass this on to your friends! Any questions please contact anothercuriousidea@gmail.com or zeitgeisthair@gmail.com.