Welcome to the re-vitalised Heptonstall Parish Website….

….which we hope will become a valued resource to Heptonstall’s local residents and visitors alike.

This new site takes over from the http://www.heptonstall.org site, originally set up by Leigh Mulvaney-Johnson several years ago, and which provided a great deal of interesting content about the village of  Heptonstall.

Our intention now is to present an updated and widened range of information, news and stories on the locality, on its past, its present and its future.  To do this we need you, the viewer of the site, to help us develop and add to the subjects covered, to record the events that take place in the parish, and keep the content fresh and as up-to-date as possible.

Please therefore, take a moment to make a comment in the boxes provided on each page, or if you can, submit ideas for new material, or perhaps let us know about an event or group you are involved with.

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3 thoughts on “Welcome to the re-vitalised Heptonstall Parish Website….

  1. Blackshaw Head is a village on moorland above the town of Hebden Bridge right in the middle of the Pennine Chain of Mountains. The landscape is made fabulous by the deep ravine like rivers and streams, so when it rains, and this year has seen flash flooding that is unprecedented, water simply pours of the lip of the moors in endless waterfalls. The sound of crashing water is thrilling.
    Blackshaw Head’s annual village fete , this year on the first Saturday afternoon in September was bathed in fabulous late summer sunshine, with just a puff of wind, so attracted a big influx of visitors.
    The, at least ten things you should at the fete, is to wander round the stalls and tents, trying to lob a clunky wooden ball into a silver tin bucket, buy a second book to support the local charity that saves abandoned dogs. Buy local grub; the cheese was scrumptious; the fig jam was indecently delicious , and local plonk better than any French Stuff. Bounce on the bouncy castle.Buy chick from the local craft stalls. And do not forget to natter to the delightful woman hand spinning wool , then buy a woolly hat, scarf, whatever so she can support her dream of preserving rare sheep breads.
    Make sure you eat a beef burger make from locally reared meat, MCDonalds eat your heart out, and wash it down with locally brewed Golden bitter with hop aroma and taste, or very drinkable cider, both taste bud busters.
    Listen to the jazz band . They are lively and entertaining and if any of the six musicians is under sixty that would not be ultra-cool.
    Watch the dog obedience contest with some pretty dozy dogs. Enjoy the relaxed informal delightful atmosphere. You are morally obliged to pay the guy at the gate the entry fee. But not to use the smelly mobile loo. Ps it’s an agricultural smell, which is very apt.
    Visit the veg and produce to see who can lay the yellowest eggs , bake the lightest sponge, boil up the tastiest jam, and which kid baked the most devilish cupcakes . Buy a raffle ticket. Look at all the vases of flowers .
    Visit the chapel, disinfectant cleaned loos here for the faint hearted, and absorb the curious detail about village in the history display. Sit down and relax in the church café, manned by a battery of it’s always women. The tea is refreshing, the cake yummy, and you can really really relax and just wallow in the fun you’ve had all afternoon.
    For diehards run the fell race, the hares get round in half an hour, the tortoises a bit longer, but then again there’s the rest of the afternoon to look forward to. Then say a fond bye bye. But then again there’s always next year.
    BE THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! reg.czudek@yahoo.com

  2. Hello,
    I like your website and the information you provide.
    I’m a historical fiction author and one of my books, The Gentle Wind’s Caress, has been set in Heptonstall and Hebden Bridge.
    I thoroughly enjoyed visiting the area and am keen to do so again soon.
    I hope I did justice to the area when describing it in my story.

    Wishing you all the best with the continuing success of the website.

    With regards,
    Anne Brear.

  3. Can anyone give me info on the name behind the cross inn I see what appears to be The Maltese Cross above the entrance My brother lives in Malta and is interested to know (help)!!

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