Annual Parish Event Group:

Background Information from the Community Survey:

The idea of an annual community event was supported by 58% of all respondents, with over 30 ‘volunteers’ registering an interest in helping to achieve such an event.


Report on Progress:

However, this was not translated into active engagement when we held the series of public meetings on each of the ten potential projects. Just 3 or 4 of us ‘signed up’ for the Annual Parish Event project. We might have abandoned it at that stage, but we did agree to explore a possible joint approach with Heptonstall School. Preliminary discussions have been very positive and we are exploring the possibility of a joint community event with them – an extension of their planned ‘School Re-Opening’. We have agreed to meet with Mr Perrin (Head teacher) after Easter to agree next steps, once a timescale for completion of all the refurbishment and re-instating work at school has been confirmed. Hopefully, if successful, this could provide a template for a more regular (annual) child and family focused celebration. However, at this stage, there is limited community support; more volunteers are required if this is to go forward.

So – if you are willing to help and/or would like to find out more about what we are trying to achieve – please contact:-

Phil Kelly – Tel: 01422 847328 or E-mail: jacandphil* (change * to @).





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