Cobbling Side-Streets Group:

Background Information from the Community Survey:

The once cobbled side streets of Heptonstall village are undoubtedly charming though poorly maintained and, mostly, in a state of some disrepair. Parish-wide there was very little support for the idea of extending the cobbled areas. However, those respondents living along these side streets understandably showed a greater degree of support for such an initiative, with 18 ‘volunteers’ originally expressing an interest in any such potential scheme.


Report on Progress:

However, this was not translated into active engagement when we held the series of public meetings on each of the ten potential projects. Just 3 or 4 of us ‘signed up’ for the Re-Cobbling Side Streets project. We recognised that the challenges were significant and the support, obviously, very limited. We might have abandoned it at that stage, but we did agree to undertake some preliminary research around planning, ownership and possible grant funding aspects. The initial research has confirmed that there are serious practical issues to be overcome, ownership is uncertain but there do appear to be some potential sources of grant funding and conservation staff in Calderdale are positive. There may just be scope to make an attempt to move forward on at least one side street – as a trial – probably starting with the most obvious and prominent example of Church Street/Back Lane/West Laithe/Church Lane. However, success cannot be guaranteed and we would need much more support than has been forthcoming to date.

The next step is to hold another public meeting but we have not arranged a date, as yet.

So – if you are willing to help and/or would like to find out more about what we are trying to achieve – please contact:-

Phil Kelly – Tel: 01422 847328 or E-mail: jacandphil* (change * to @).


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