Green Community Enterprise:

Background Information from the Community Survey:

Support seemed to exist for potential initiatives around local food growing, community supported agriculture, community composting and renewable energy. Many respondents expressed a keen interest in areas as diverse as community beekeeping and mini hydro projects. As regards other types of possible enterprises in the Civil Parish, there appeared to be support for initiatives such as farmers’/local produce markets and smallholdings rather than office or tourism related enterprises.

It was difficult to quantify levels of interest in terms of percentages as the areas of specific interest are diverse, what did emerge was the common idea of a ‘green’ lifestyle, the level of support for which was seen in the number of potentially interested ‘volunteers’ – for example: 38 were interested in community food growing, 36 in renewable energy schemes and 30 were interested in community composting. What emerged was a large group of individuals who appeared to have a common vision.


Report on Progress:

However, the member of Heptonstall Forward who agreed to lead the initial setting up of this group has been unable to do so, to date. Mark was previously instrumental in setting up HAGS (Heptonstall Allotment Garden Society) and is currently heavily involved in developing the local Community Orchards movement. He was, obviously, the right person for the job but, unfortunately, his work and many other commitments have resulted in a delay. We did put an entry in the Newsletter inviting someone else to take on the lead role – but have had no responses.The plan was – and still is – to hold a public meeting as soon as we have a viable leader and/or Mark’s availability improves.

So – if you are willing to get involved and/or would like to find out more – please contact:-

Phil Kelly – Tel: 01422 847328 or E-mail: jacandphil* (change * to @).





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