Clean-up Scheme (Litter, Dog-fouling)

Background Information from the Community Survey:

In terms of how community life could be improved, over 61% of respondents cited dog fouling as a major problem, but an overwhelming majority, though dissatisfied, have not contacted the dog warden about the problem. An overall 71% of all respondents supported the idea of a Parish clean-up day, with support being highest in the Colden area where 91% of respondents expressed support for such an initiative. A total of 23 ‘volunteers’ originally showed an interest in initiatives focussing on cleaning up the environment.


Report on Progress:

However, this was not translated into active engagement when we held the series of public meetings on each of the ten potential projects. Just 2 or 3 of us ‘signed up’ for the Clean-Up Scheme project. In the circumstances, it was agreed that there was no mandate to go ahead and it was agreed that this project would be put ‘on hold’ until such time as there was more active support.

Subsequently, a member of the community (one of the orginal volunteers), seeing an amount of litter around the village following a period of strong winds (and recycling collection) took it upon himself to initiate an impromptu village clean up. He recruited friends and neighbours to assist and Heptonstall Forward provided them with litter pickers and gloves. At this stage, it remains uncertain as to whether or not any more sustained efforts to address litter issues on an ongoing basis will be forthcoming but this may be the model. We shall see.

So – if you are willing to get involved and/or would like to find out more – please contact:-

Phil Kelly – Tel: 01422 847328 or E-mail: jacandphil* (change * to @).



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