Film – Bridge across the Generations

‘Bridge across the Generations’ is a film that is going to be screened at Heptonstall Social and Bowling Club this coming Saturday 3rd December at 11am.

Many local people and local children from the school feature in this intergenerational film that began before the pandemic in January 2020 and features conversations between younger and older people, who met twice in the Social and Bowling Club before the first coronavirus lockdown caused everything to stop.

However, Marguerite Eccles and Nick Wilding managed to hang in there and create a story that starts with the Boxing Day floods of 2015 and ends with this year’s drought and the end of the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. You see children reacting to being taught at home and not at school, then children at school sending cards with messages to lonely older people, organised with presents compiled by Calder Community Cares.

Post pandemic, there are scenes with Hebden Royd children walking in the Colden Valley, being inspired by the history and Colden School, Old Town School and Scout Road Academy all look in various ways at the story of ‘The Coiners’.

There are scenes from the play of ‘The Coiners’, performed both in Heptonstall St Thomas’s Church by Old Town and in Blackshawhead Chapel, performed by Colden School.

General comments from audiences of the film have described the content as both ‘inspiring and truly inspirational and well worth seeing’.

This coming Saturday 3rd December 2022 at 11am in the Social and Bowling Club, it lasts 50 minutes with Q&A at the end.

Please come if you can.


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